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The Damascus Fiber Arts School is home to weavers of tapestry, spinners and dyers of wool, and explorers of Ravenstail twining.

We are just starting to reopen after the COVID closures.

Right Now

At this time school is available for Open Studio days for those who are fully vaccinated. No exceptions. The school holds Open Studio on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and the 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month until the end of August.  Cost $10/day this summer only.  Welcome!

Summer Workshops

The Summer 2021 Schedule of Workshops is here.  Workshops for Beginning Tapestry, Basic and Advanced Spinning, Drop Spindle, Acid Dyeing, Ravenstail, Wedge Weave and Weaving on a Cardboard Box Loom scheduled.

Workshops will be only open to those who are fully vaccinated.

Summer Lecture Tour 2021

The Summer Lecture Tour 2021 happens in September.  Our lineup of Guest Lecturers is complete. It is a great lineup, including Micala Sidore, Tommye Scanlin, Barbara Burns, Rebecca Smith, Amy Belgan, Joel Weber, Francisco Bautista and Candace Pratt. You will love it!  We hope you enjoyed last year’s Summer Lecture Tour 2020 so much that you will join us for this year’s fundraising efforts.  (By the way, the Vimeo links for 2020 are on their own web page.)

Email here if you have questions: damascusfiberartsschoolinfo@gmail.com