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Summary of Term Catalog (Details follow)

June 7-Aug 9, 10am-4pm, Tuesdays only, Open Studio. 10 weeks, $100. No instructor. Register by email (or in person for Open Studio only).

June 9, Pulled Warp–Weave a Flower. Terry Olson. $60

Pulled warp flower details

Blue Vase, Orange Flower

June 20-24, Navajo Wedge Weaving Basics. Kevin Aspaas, $450 +THIS CLASS IS FULL

Navajo Wedge Weave details

Kevin Aspaas at Loom

July 7-8, Tapestry Weaving with Beads and Wire. Rebecca Smith, $180+

Tapestry with Wire July 7-8 details


July 9-10, Tapestry Weaving with Beads and Wire. Rebecca Smith. $180+

Tapestry with Wire July 9-10 details

Spring Returns

July 23-24. Beginning Spinning. Christine Thomas-Flitcroft, $120+

Begin Spin details

Ashford wheel

July 30 and/or July 31. Gourd Embellishment. Jane Wilson. (Each day slightly different class.) $60 each day plus fee of $40 for one or $70 for two days.

Gourd Embellishment details

Floating Coils
Coiling and Shells

Aug 4-8, Transparency in Tapestry. Elizabeth Buckley, $450+

Transparency in Tapestry details

Veils of Time

August 25-28, Introduction to Raised Outline Pick and Pick. Kiki Dembrow, $250+

Raised Outline details

New Day

September 17-18. Advanced Spinning Techniques. Christine Thomas-Flitcroft. $120+

Advanced Spinning details

Handspun Yarn

September 24. Natural Dyeing, the Oaxacan Way. Francisco Bautista. $90+

Natural Dyeing details

Francisco and DyePot

June 7-Aug 9. Tuesdays only, 10am-3pm, Open Studio. 10 weeks, $100. No instructor. Register by email or in person for Open Studio only.

Details of Summer Workshops (Chronological Order)

Pulled Warp Flower This workshop is Full

June 9, Thursday, 10-3, Pulled Warp–Weave a Flower. Terry Olson. $60. In this one-day workshop you will learn how to make a simple pulled warp rosette flower. You should be able to make at least two flowers in a day. No experience necessary. Materials provided, but you will need a simple frame loom that allows a 13-inch long weaving. Maximum class size: 12.

This link takes you to Terry Olson’s website:

Terry Olson has been teaching tapestry and its variations for over 25 years at Damascus Fiber Arts School. She is Advisor to the Board of Directors, has served on the Board of the American Tapestry Alliance, and is a founding member of the Willamette Tapestry Artists. Terry has shown her work in juried and open exhibits.

June 20-24, Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm. Kevin Aspaas, $450. This is a 5-day workshop with Navajo weaver Kevin Aspaas. The first step is to make a 7″ x 10″ Navajo warp, then set up the loom and start weaving. You will learn basic design and wedge weaving techniques from Navajo traditions. During this 5-day workshop, some people will finish, but everyone will be able to take their work home as the warp is easily removed from the loom. Kevin will demonstrate spinning and 2 & 3 plying on the Navajo style spindle. Tools like forks and battens will be available for optional purchase. Students can expect to purchase wool warp and weft from the school, cost estimated to be $30-$40, depending on what you choose to use. Kevin will be also be bringing dyed yarn for purchase. Maximum class size: 8.

This is Kevin Aspaas’s website:

Kevin Aspaas is an award-winning entrepreneur Dine’ weaver and fiber artist from Shiprock, NM. Aspaas utilizes the traditional Dine’ sheep-to-loom weaving process. He is also best known for producing the old-style Navajo wedge weaving technique, along with other Navajo traditional and contemporary textiles. Kevin currently also serves as the President of the Din’ led non-profit organization, Dine’ Be’lina’, which focuses on promoting and preserving the Navajo lifeways through weaving, fiber arts shepherding, food and community outreach.

Tapestry Weaving with Beads and Wire

July 7-8


July 9-10

The same workshop is offered twice, July 7-8, Thursday-Friday, and again July 9-10, Saturday-Sunday, 9am-4m, $180 for the two-day workshop plus $20 materials fee paid directly to instructor, Rebecca Smith.Rebecca Smith weaves tapestries that incorporate seed beads and wire to make the tapestries that undulate and capture light in unique ways. Tapestries woven with this technique can be free-standing or framed, creating beautiful decorative woven art. In this workshop you will learn Rebecca’s techniques for weaving with seed beads, weaving with eccentric weft, and incorporating wire. You will be able to create your own small tapestry. Maximum class size: 12 each.

If you haven’t seen Rebecca’s work please look at the Summer Lecture Tour 2021 talk she gave for our school. Her own website is here:

Rebecca Smith studied tapestry weaving with one of the great modern masters, Archie Brennan, in whose workshops she learned the fundamentals of good tapestry weaving. Inspiration and exploration led her away from traditional tapestry weaving. Although tapestries are a form of cloth, her desire was to expand them into a 3-dimensional form. She developed her signature style of blending yarn, beads, and wire into a single composition. Her work has been shown in juried exhibitions throughout the US.

Beginning Spinning

July 23-24, Saturday-Sunday, 9:30-3:30, $120 + $10 materials fee paid directly to instructor, Christine Thomas-Flitcroft. Students will learn the basics of spinning yarn using a spinning wheel. Students will create a single and a 2-ply yarn. Workshop includes spinning wheel maintenance, as well as selecting and preparing wool for spinning using different types of equipment. Students may borrow a wheel if necessary. All fiber is provided in workshop. Minimum age 18. Maximum class size: 8.

Christine Thomas-Flitcroft has been spinning and weaving for about forty years. She is a student of the textile arts. She studied weaving at the University of Idaho and wool and sheep production at both the University of Idaho and Montana State University. Chris owns Aurora Colony FiberArts. She maintains a small flock of Border Leicester sheep on her family farm in Aurora, Oregon. She specializes in selling a multitude of fibers for spinning, felting and related fiber arts. She is interested in antique spinning wheels, teaches spinning workshops and weaves tapestry on a Navajo style loom.

Gourd Embellishment

July 30, Saturday, and/or July 31, Sunday, 9am-4pm, $60 each day plus $40 for one day or $70 for two days materials fee, paid directly to instructor, Jane Wilson. These two workshops are similar but different and can be taken separately or together for a fun-filled weekend! On Saturday you will learn to open and close coil, a basket weaving technique, using hand-dyed Danish cord on a ready-to-weave gourd (cut, cleaned, and painted with a metallic finish) and to add beads as embellishments. You will have a choice of colors of gourds, cord, and thread to make the design your own. On Sunday, you will learn to coil with seagrass, weave knotless netting with waxed Irish linen thread around the gourd, latch wool roving to the rim, and add pre-drilled seashells as embellishments. Maximum class size each day: 12.

This is Jane Wilson’s website:

Jane Wilson was introduced to gourds in 2007 while still living in her home state of Kansas. An avid crafter who already had wood-carving skills, she became intrigued by another artist’s use of color and wood-burning techniques on gourds and began to develop these skills through classes and videos. Jane began to add coiling or twining to her gourds, developing a way to dye the cords to match the colors she uses on the gourds. Jane has shown locally and has also won competitions for her gourd art.

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Transparency in Tapestry

August 4-8, Thursday-Monday, 9am-4pm, $450 plus $35 materials fee paid directly to the instructor, Elizabeth Buckley. The illusion of transparency can be created through the careful use of technique, color, and value. In this workshop, you will work with design principles that go into creating the illusion of one layer on top of another, and seeing through to what is behind. You will use gray-toned papers, plus tracing paper, to explore designing in values and in layers. At the loom, you will explore several approaches, including the techniques used by the French masters. We will look at how this can apply to contemporary tapestry. Not suitable for beginners. Maximum class size: 14.

This link is to Elizabeth Buckley’s website:

Elizabeth Buckley is a second-generation tapestry artist and teacher of over 50 years. Her work evolved from using techniques of the Mexican and Rio Grande traditions to those of French tapestry; from weaving with no pre-planned design to using a cartoon. She further honed her skills in Aubusson, France. With her degree in art, Elizabeth brings to the classroom her deep grounding in design principles and color theory that specifically apply to tapestry. She draws from multiple tapestry traditions to provide her students with the technique vocabulary for finding and expressing their own unique voice. Her tapestries have a lengthy exhibition history, national and Canadian juried and invitational shows, and museum exhibitions. Her work is in private collections and has been featured in a significant number of books.

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Introduction to Raised Outline Pick and Pick

August 25-28, Thursday through Sunday, 9am-4pm, $250 plus materials. Kiki Dembrow. Learn how to use pick and pick to weave vertical and diagonal raised outlines for geometric and non-geometric designs. This technique can also be used to create interesting color patterns and gradations. Class discussion includes color choices, design options and tips for planning a cartoon. Students will weave a sampler that can serve as a guide for the techniques. Materials can be purchased at school. This class is not suitable for beginning weavers. Minimum age 18. Maximum class size: 8.

This link to Kiki Dembrow’s Artist Page shows some of her work:

Kiki Dembrow became a weaver after teaching French and English for non-native speakers for 30 years. She enjoyed the challenge of creating bridges between people of different languages and cultures, but always harbored a desire to create visual images. She began weaving at Damascus Fiber Arts School in 2004, learning from Audrey Moore and Terry Olson, but she has also taken workshops with Archie Brennan, Susan Martin Maffei, Sarah Swett, and others, including workshops in Aubusson, France. She has woven and taught Raised Outline Pick and Pick for about 5 years. Kiki is a member of the American Tapestry Alliance, a founding member of the Willamette Tapestry Artists, and currently serves as President of Damascus Fiber Arts School.

Advanced Spinning Techniques

September 17-18, Saturday-Sunday, 9:30am-3:30pm, $120 plus $25 materials fee paid directly to the instructor, Christine Thomas-Flitcroft. Students will hone their spinning skills in this two-day workshop. Practice creating consistent yarns and multiple ply yarns, as well as designing yarns. Try spinning exotic protein fibers like llama, alpaca, pygora, silk, camel, cashmere and yak, as well as trying plant fibers like cotton, flax, hemp, bamboo and ramie. Instructor supplies all the fibers. Minimum age 18. Maximum class size: 8.

Christine Thomas-Flitcroft has been spinning and weaving for about forty years. She is a student of the textile arts. She studied weaving at the University of Idaho and wool and sheep production at both the University of Idaho and Montana State University. Chris owns Aurora Colony FiberArts. She maintains a small flock of Border Leicester sheep on her family farm in Aurora, Oregon. She specializes in selling a multitude of fibers for spinning, felting and related fiber arts. She is interested in antique spinning wheels, teaches spinning workshops and weaves tapestry on a Navajo style loom.

Natural Dyeing the Oaxacan Way

September 24, Saturday, 9am-4pm, $90 plus $30 materials fee paid directly to the instructor, Francisco Bautista. In this one-day workshop with Francisco Bautista, students will learn the traditional Oaxacan/Zapotec ways of hand-dyeing wool yarn with natural materials. Dyes used will be Cochineal for Red, Indigo for Blue, Pericon for Yellow, and Pomegranate for Black. Each student can expect to take home approximately one ounce of each color of dyed yarn, plus a handout with the recipes used. Students may bring in their own yarn if they have pre-mordanted it with alum. Francisco will provide the mordanting instructions. This needs to be done one week before the workshop. Maximum class size: 12.

This is the link to Francisco Bautista’s website:

Francisco Bautista is the fourth generation Master Weaver in his family. He and his wife, Laura, were born in Teotitlan del Valle, a Zapotec village in Oaxaca, Mexico. They use only hand-spun, hand-dyed wool, and weave each of their works on a foot pedal loom. The vibrant colors in their weavings are from both natural and aniline dyes. The whole family enjoys weaving. He says, “Together we work to ensure that the quality achieved by the Master Weavers of old will continue to live on in each piece we weave.”

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Payment & Cancellation

Please register by email: Your workshop registration is only complete when full payment has been received via PayPal, check, or cash at school. If you have not received a confirmation email within a week, please contact us at the above email.

Registration Process:

  1. Choose your workshop(s).
  2. Email your request to
  3. When you are enrolled, you will receive an email re payment options.
  4. Make payment and await confirmation email.

You will be contacted by your instructor 1 to 2 weeks before the workshop begins.

Payment plans for summer workshops can be set up. For inquiries, please contact the President, Kiki Dembrow (

Enrollment is on a first-come, first-served basis. If the enrollment maximum is reached, your name will be added to a waitlist. If an enrolled student cancels, DFAS will notify the first person on the waitlist, until the space is filled.

If a workshop is canceled for any extenuating circumstances* beyond the control of DFAS and/or the workshop instructor, full refunds will be issued to all participants. DFAS will do everything possible to avoid cancellations, including relocating the workshop within the metro area. If the class is canceled due to low enrollment, you will be notified at least 14 days prior to the start of the workshop and you will receive a full refund. We are not responsible for any other costs, such as travel or accommodation.

If you need to cancel your participation in a workshop for any reason, please email or call Terry at 503.880.0722.

  • Canceling 21+ days prior to workshop = 100% refund less a $35 administrative fee
  • Canceling 14-20 days prior to workshop = 50% refund
  • Canceling less than 14 days prior to workshop = 0% refund
  • *Examples of extenuating circumstances include fire, flood, illness.

COVID Policy

DFAS is guided by the latest requirements and guidance from the national Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Oregon Health Authority and the fact that we are a vulnerable community. Our Summer 2022 COVID-19 Policy will be based on the latest guidelines. Our current policy requires proof of vaccination for participation in school activities and encourages everyone to stay up to date (which the CDC defines as all recommended doses in their primary series COVID-19 vaccines, and a booster dose when eligible). Please be prepared to show proof of vaccination.

Currently, masks are not required indoors in Clackamas County. Masks are welcome; however, the decision to wear a mask is up to the individual. Always know things can change. If the CDC or OHA guidelines change, DFAS will let you know of any changes in our policy.

Term & Conditions

By registering for a workshop, you are agreeing to allow photos/videos to be taken and possibly used for publicity on our school website and Facebook page.

Participants are expected to be polite and respectful. In the unlikely circumstance of intolerable behavior, a person shall be asked to leave the workshop, with no expectation of a refund.