Summer Lecture Tour 2021

Mark your calendars for Tuesdays and Thursdays in September 2021 at 10am Pacific time for our Summer Lecture Tour 2021.

Details and Links will be provided as we get them, but here is something to pique your interest:

September 7 Micala Sidore

Join Micala Sidore for a talk about how she constructed her book “The Art is the Cloth.” She offers tapestry examples to further illustrated her ideas, using images that are not in the book.

September 9 Candace Pratt

Glass and mixed media artist Candace Pratt shares how she transitioned from commission glass work to mixed media fiber and glass art; and how circumstances before and after the pandemic played a role in her journey.

September 14 Joel Weber

Indigo Dyer and Weaver, Joel WEber talks about Indigo! His dyepot is always going at his southeast Portland, Oregon studio.

September 16 Tommye Scanlin

Join Tommye Scanlin as she talks about her new book “Tapestry Design Basics and Beyond: Planning and Weaving with Confidence.”  It began with handouts from past workshops she has taught and it grew into something much more! She will describe her approach to writing about basic design concepts and adapting them to tapestry.

September 21 Barbara Burns

Barbara Burns is a figurative artist working in the medium of tapestry.  In her talk Burns will share her influences, training, design process and an overview of her work, from her early faces to her Burlesque Series, pulled warp corsets and her struggles with her largest and newest tapestry: “Never More.”

September 23 Amy Belgan

Amy Belgan discusses the creative journey that led her to her tapestry weaving passion. From quilting, to photography, to graphic design, she eventually arrived at tapestry weaving. The the value in learning from mistakes, in practice and also how simple design knowledge can help improve your subject matter.

September 28 Francisco Bautista

Francisco Bautista, Zapotec weaver and dyer, shares some history of his family and background while showing us his work. Francisco uses natural dyes and traditional weaving methods.  The Baustista’s weave both traditional and contemporary designs at their home and studio in Sandy, Oregon.

September 30 Rebecca Smith

Artist Rebecca Smith expands the possibilities of loom-based weaving by combining yarn, beads and wire to produce tapestries and woven sculptures. She will share her work, and focus on color, transparency, light and movement in this presentation.